Subject Access Requests (SARs)

You can request access to your medical records by submitting a subject access request to the surgery. You will need to complete a consent form at the practice, detailing specifically what records you require access to (e.g. records between a certain date, vaccination lists, consultation notes from particular date). Insurance companies and solicitors also request medical information via this pathway.

We use a processor, iGPR Technologies Limited (“iGPR”), to assist us with responding to report requests relating to your patient data, such as subject access requests that you submit to us (or that someone acting on your behalf submits to us) and report requests that insurers submit to us under the Access to Medical Records Act 1988 in relation to a life insurance policy that you hold or that you are applying for. iGPR manages the reporting process for us by reviewing and responding to requests in accordance with our instructions and all applicable laws, including UK data protection laws. The instructions we issue to iGPR include general instructions on responding to requests and specific instructions on issues that will require further consultation with the GP responsible for your care.

If you have any enquiries in relation to a SARs request which has already been submitted, please contact iGPR on 01527 570005 between 9am and 5pm.

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